curtain steam cleaning

Unlike offices, we prefer to keep windows open in house, as we need natural light and ventilation. The disadvantage of keeping the windows open is that, it brings outside dust into the house. In the process curtains gets dusty.

Curtains have very important role in the interior of the house. They have to be therefore kept clean. But removing them for washing and putting the back in the place is difficult. Now no need to remove your curtains and still you get them cleaned. We do the Steam cleaning of the curtains which removes dustmites.


  • 100% No Shrinkage
  • No risk of color runs
  • Curtain fabric/ outlook remains the same
  • Anti dust mite
  • Service is quick and efficient

However, it will not remove any stains from curtains. It will not give Dry cleaning effect

Curtain Steam Cleaning ( Per Curtain )

FrequencyRate Per Service
One TimeRs 200
Semi AnnuallyRs 150

*18% GST will be applicable