office cleaningOffices reflect the ethos of the organization and personality of the owner. Organizations spend on exquisite interiors to make working hours comfortable for their employees. Pristine offices also help in making good impression on the clients during their meetings. It is, therefore, important to maintain the original luster and ambience of the office by regular cleaning.

We provide periodic office cleaning services. It includes

  • Removal of Cobwebs & dry/wet cleaning of walls
  • Cleaning of window panes & window channels
  • Cleaning of furniture & fixtures
  • Vacuuming/ Shampooing of sofas/chairs/ carpets
  • Pantry cleaning includes Kitchen tiles, platform, counter, sink, gas hob, cleaning of appliances from outside
  • Cleaning of all cabinets from outside only
  • Disinfecting of bathrooms & toilets
  • Manual scrubbing of flooring

Chair, Sofa and Carpet shampooing

Office chairs/ sofas, particularly seats backs get soiled very fast because of the human sweat.  If not cleaned regularly, it gives a shabby look to the office. Regular vacuuming of the chairs/ sofas, can remove the dirt but for removing dirt and stubborn stains, mechanized shampooing is required.

So is the case with carpet. Carpet particularly in reception area, gets soiled very fast and will have to be shampooed regularly.

Chair shampooing
1-25 chairsRs.1500.00 lump sum + 18% GST
25 – 50 chairsRs.50.00 per chair +18 % GST
50-100 chairsRs.45.00 per chair + 18% GST
100 – 200 chairsRs.40.00 per chair + 18% GST
200-400 chairsRs.35.00 per chair + 18% GST
Sofa shampooing
Upto 4 seatsRs.1500.00  lump sum + 18% GST
5-8 seatsRs.250.00 per seat + 18% GST
9-30 seatsRs.225.00 per seat + 18% GST
30-100 seatsRs.200.00 per seat + 18% GST
Carpet shampooing
Area ( in sq.ft.)Rate
upto 2000 sq.ft.Rs.4000.00 lump sum + 18% GST
2000 – 5000 sq.ft.Rs.1.50  per sq.ft. + 18% GST
5000 -10000 and aboveRs.1.25 per sq.ft. + 18% GST

* Internal cleaning of cabinets will be charges extra
* Unreachable and unsafe places will not be cleaned by our staff
* We would like to inspect the scope of work before giving quotation
* Customers should verify the completed work, before our staff leaves the office. We do not redo the work

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