Why Spick-n-Span Services?

  • ISO certified housekeeping company
  • Understand the requirements of clients to serve them better.
  • Trained manpower sent to your house has years of experience working in corporate sector and they are also further trained as per the ‘Inhouse Training Manual’ developed for this purpose
  • The personnel sent to your house are trusted people and you can be rest assured about the safety of your complex and house
  • Use of latest sophisticated machinery & equipments and eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals

How is quality of work ensured?

Housekeepers from Home Care Division have long experience of working for Corporates. They are further trained to cater to domestic cleaning. We use state-of-the-art machinery and eco friendly chemicals for cleaning work.

We assess and develop specific cleaning plan for individual home and maintain checklist to ensure that the work is carried out as per plan.

Why chose us even if you have house maid?

Spick-N-Span Services will help you in its maintenance by professional cleaning using specialized cleaning equipments and eco-friendly chemicals. Our trained and trustworthy housekeepers have expertise which your house-maid or kaamwali bai doesn’t have

What kind of equipments we use?

We make use of Manual as well as highly Automated machines for cleaning purpose.

This includes variety of specialised mops used for wall cleaning and advanced vacuum cleaners for dusting. Floor scrubbing machines are used for mechanised cleaning of floor, while Injenction-Extraction  machine s are used for sofa shampooing.  All the machines and equipments used are of high quality standards.