We wake up to our mattresses and sleep by them. From coming back home after tedious office hours to partying with your friends and chit-chatting with your family, your sofas have been through thick and thin. Tell us, don’t you too love the coziness that your sofas and mattresses offer? Then you should also be considerate about its cleaning, aren’t you? Well, if not then you should be! This blog will underline everything that you need to know about sofa and mattress cleaning.

Why cleaning sofa and mattress shampooing is necessary?

We spend most of our time on these two spots of our house, yet we are very less bothered about its cleaning. Dusting and washing its cover is the bare minimum we do! However, that’s not enough. Fleas, mold, mildew, and microorganisms are apt at finding a place in every corner and surface. They can grow even on your sofa and mattresses and hamper your physical health. Besides that, a beautiful sofa is the attraction of every home that awaits your presence after a hectic day. You don’t want to come home to an unpleasant sitting, thus getting your sofa and mattress shampooed is colossally essential. Moreover, cleaning these things regularly will help you keep them in great condition while also improving the quality of your indoor air and preventing wellness issues. But cleaning sofa and mattress shampooing is no piece of cake. So how do you do it? 

How do you clean your sofa and mattress?

You may wash the covers or dust them, but deep cleaning requires proper process and tools. And this is where an expert sofa cleaning service proves to be useful. An online search for an expert sofa shampooing service in Mumbai is doing a more brilliant job! It is an easier option than spending quality hours on a do-it-yourself. The professionals have proper tools and techniques for cleaning. 

The sofa shampooing services and its process?

Sofa Cleaning and Mattress Shampooing Services include recruiting experts to clean the respective home item with texture shampoos and sanitizers to make them look and feel better as new. Dial4cleanhome.com is one of the most trusted and prominent cleaning companies in Thane and around Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We clean your sofas according to your fabrics and Leather.


To remove the stringent dust, we do dry vacuuming of the front and back sides of the upholstery using a vacuum cleaner. But it just removes dust on the upper surface of the sofa, inside dust remains as it is. Oftentimes we spill tea, coffee, or any other drink on the sofa or mattress, and to remove this dirty liquid from inside, the process of wet vacuuming – remove shampooing of upholstery is done using professional-grade solutions. 


Leather requires special attention. Therefore, dry vacuuming and manual wiping of the front and back sides of the leather upholstery are done using a microfiber cloth. Moreover, a special chemical is used to sanitize and clean the leather upholstery with a microfiber cloth. To increase the life of leather, special leather polish is also done.

Reasons to Hire Professional Sofa and Mattress Shampooing Services

While you can choose to clean the sofa and mattress on your own, here are some solid reasons why you should hire a professional:-

  1. Sofa cleaning organizations utilize the right synthetics, gear and well-being principles to add more years to the existence of your sofa. Dial4cleanhome.com trained team will get your sofa cleaned without you having to worry a bit about the process.
  2. Upholstered, costly sofas need automated extraction. Their cleaning requires extra care and only a few brands offer that first-class devices and resources which take every step with detail and caution.
  3. Many times, we drench our sofa or mattress in liquids that later on give a foul smell. Getting rid of this terrible smell is tough and only professional cleaners can help you with its shampooing.
  4. This cleaning removes the stain and little particles and softens the seating space with its fabric-relevant chemicals.  

Dial4cleanhome.com : Your best partner for sofa cleaning and mattress shampooing

To save your sofa for your relaxation, different sofa shampooing services are available in Mumbai, but Dial4cleanhome.com is worth its salt. We understand that various kinds of sofas require particular techniques for cleaning and thus our professionals take steps accordingly. We have a team of trained and experienced mavens who won’t disappoint you.  In view of the material and finish of the sofa, the products, and techniques, differ to moderate the first structure and appeal. Dial4cleanhome.com offers multiple sofa cleaning services to protect your furnishings. While you may think that this process might cost you an arm and a leg, well no! We offer the best at a reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us now!