The USP of our House Cleaning service is Wet Cleaning of your walls. Lot of dust is accumulated on the walls which is not visible to your naked eyes. This you realise only when the walls are cleaned by our staff.

Generally people tend to get their house cleaned before festivals like Diwali or Christmas. But in a city like Mumbai where many construction projects are on, dust accumulates on furniture & flooring in no time. Periodic cleaning of your house is therefore a must. What should be the periodicity is your choice.

Our Deep cleaning service includes

  • Removal of Cobwebs & dry/wet cleaning of walls
  • Cleaning of window panes & window channels
  • Cleaning of furniture & fixtures
  • Vacuuming of sofas/chairs, mattresses and curtains
  • Kitchen cleaning includes Kitchen tiles, platform, counter, sink, gas hob, cleaning of appliances from outside
  • Cleaning of all cabinets from outside only
  • Disinfecting of bathrooms & toilets
  • Manual scrubbing of flooring


FrequencyRate per service
One Time5000


FrequencyRate per service
One Time6000


FrequencyRate per service
One Time7500

* Cleaning of furniture includes external cleaning of cabinets in Kitchen and Bedroom. Internal cleaning will be charged extra. In kitchen, we remove lower level trolley and clean from behind.
* Kitchen utensils cleaning will not be a part of cleaning
* Chandeliers cleaning will not be done
* Heavy Furniture and fixtures will not be moved by our staff
* Unreachable and unsafe places will not be cleaned by our staff
* Customers should verify the completed work, before our staff leave your house. We do not redo the work
*  For mechanized cleaning of floor, we charge Rs.500.00 extra
* 18% GST will be applicable on all the above rates
* The above rates are indicative, we inspect the condition of flat, before giving final quote.